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  • Is hair damaged when glued wigs are used?
    No, there is a process that must be followed to get a wig to fit well without damaging your hair, the ideal would be to braid all your hair and put on a cap before putting on the wig, in order to prevent the glue touch your hair.
  • How to wash the wig?
    Wash the wig in the same way you wash your hair, try to use a non-alcoholic shampoo, put a mask on the ends and leave it to act for a few minutes so that it hydrates well.
  • How long does a wig last?
    This will depend a lot on the care you take with it, but in general a wig that is cared for can last a long time, even more than two years. In the event that the front loses a lot of hair, you can always do a maintenance service and continue using the wig.
  • How long does a wig last?
    This will depend on whether to put the wig on with or without glue, or what type of glue you use. When you apply it without glue, it is for specific uses for one day, without embarking with glue, if it is a high-hold glue you can spend up to 2 weeks with it on, if it is a low-hold glue, about 4/5 days.
  • How to sleep with the wig on?
    You have to keep in mind that even though it is natural hair, you cannot sleep with it on without any type of care. You have to sleep with a band in the frontal part mandatory, otherwise the glue will not resist many days, I also recommend that you make two braids to your wig and sleep with a nightcap on. So your wig will be more beautiful and in the long run it will last longer.
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